Month: November 2020


Rocket Composters in Norway: the story so far…

[caption id="attachment_2751" align="aligncenter" width="585"] Photo credit: Ådne Lunde, Bergens Tidende.[/caption]Last year, you might remember that we announced the appointment of



Are you a qualified #ProjectEngineer, looking for a new opportunity to work with major national and global blue-chip organisations in the #FoodWaste technology space?

We have the perfect opportunity waiting for you!

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While major disruptions throughout the pandemic created more robust supply chains for many, a recent study by @SodexoGroup reveals that this has come at the cost of waste targets.

@Edie has more:

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Did you know, yesterday marked the start of #NationalAllotmentsWeek 2022?

No matter how large or small – whether growing your own or #composting food waste at scale – everyone can play a role in achieving a happier and more #sustainable future.

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A labour shortfall due to tapered visas has seen catastrophic food waste figures for the #agricultural and #farming industry recently – with numbers expected to double this year.

@FinancialTimes has more:

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Whether you’re a food manufacturer, cafe, or business with a staff canteen, if you produce #FoodWaste in #England, you’ll no longer be permitted to combine it with general refuse streams come 2023.

Check out our FAQs on the new #legislation for more.