Month: May 2021


Is the UK ready for the 2023 mandatory household food waste collections?

Our resident composting expert and sales manager, Huw Crampton, recently shared his thoughts with MRW about the impact of the



Are you a qualified #ProjectEngineer, looking for a new opportunity to work with major national and global blue-chip organisations in the #FoodWaste technology space?

We have the perfect opportunity waiting for you!

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While major disruptions throughout the pandemic created more robust supply chains for many, a recent study by @SodexoGroup reveals that this has come at the cost of waste targets.

@Edie has more:

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Did you know, yesterday marked the start of #NationalAllotmentsWeek 2022?

No matter how large or small – whether growing your own or #composting food waste at scale – everyone can play a role in achieving a happier and more #sustainable future.

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A labour shortfall due to tapered visas has seen catastrophic food waste figures for the #agricultural and #farming industry recently – with numbers expected to double this year.

@FinancialTimes has more:

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Whether you’re a food manufacturer, cafe, or business with a staff canteen, if you produce #FoodWaste in #England, you’ll no longer be permitted to combine it with general refuse streams come 2023.

Check out our FAQs on the new #legislation for more.