A1200 Rocket Food Waste Composter

A solution for larger organisations

The A1200 is the third biggest Rocket in our range, and it’s the ideal commercial food waste composting system for large scale sites.

This in-vessel composting unit can process up to 650 litres of food waste per day. It’s the ideal choice for universities, oilfield camps, mines, communities, and hotels that want to take sustainable and closed loop food waste management into their own hands.

A1200 Rocket Composter

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The A1200 is the third biggest Rocket in our range, it’s robust in design and built to last. it’s the ideal commercial food waste composting system for large scale sites that want to generate a resource from their food waste

In addition to helping businesses to develop a nutrient-rich compost resource in just 14 days, the A1200 also plays a key role in reducing a brand’s carbon footprint – eliminating the need for off-site waste disposal and therefore contributing to cutting pollution levels.

The A1200 is the first of our heavy duty units and offers the option to load from wheelie bins whilst the system comes as standard with touch screen display and remote monitoring. Additional options include outfeed conveyor and air injection to maximise throughput for busy sites.


Designed to process a range of organic wastes, such as cooked and uncooked meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, alongside garden, green and animal waste (including some types of bedding), the A1200 is a versatile and reliable solution for sites looking to promote a more circular – and less linear – economy.

You can increase your overall capacity by first processing food waste with our Dehydra Dewaterer. This equipment chops up and removes liquids first, before feeding it into the composter, to significantly increase the overall throughput (see below).




7.0m (base unit)






Up to 650 litres of food waste per day*
*This is determined by the feed materials used, loading frequency and operating conditions. Please get in touch if you need any advice on how to achieve maximum throughput.

Capacity with Dehydra

Up to 2,000 litres per day (pre Dehydra)

Main drive motor



4 x 1kWh – thermostatically controlled

Power requirement

Three-phase 400-volt, 50hz

Average power consumption

~100kWh per week

Temperature recording

Included as standard vessel, ambient and exhaust air

Air extraction

Supplied as standard

Housing requirement

Minimum 10m × 4 × 4 (LxWxH) space required.

This should be under cover and on a hardstanding, non-porous surface

Optional extras

  • Dehydra Dewaterer – to decrease food waste volumes prior to composting
  • 2m inclined compost stockpile conveyor
  • 120-litre wheeled bin lifting system & hopper
  • Low level hopper & feed conveyor
  • Air injection system
  • Modular bio-filter
  • Power screen for refining the end compost product
  • Communication package / remote connection

Case studies

From oil and gas sites to universities, hotels and restaurants, there are many businesses using the A1200 system to compost food waste on site. Here are some of our favourite composting stories…


Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, England

Raymond Blanc’s Michelin-starred luxury hotel and restaurant invested in our composting and food waste drying technology, to help the site to compost 94% of its annual food waste. The compost is then used in the hotel’s vegetable and herb gardens and orchards, to grow organic produce.

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Ford Motor Company, England

Our A1200 Rocket Composter is helping Ford Motor Group’s manufacturing plant in Dagenham, East London, to recover the resource potential of its organic wastes – comprising garden and canteen food wastes. This has significantly reduced the site’s expenditure in off-site disposal costs.

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Exxon Mobil, Africa

Exxon Mobil harnesses the power of our A1200 Rocket Composter at its oilfield canteen in Chad, Africa. In this remote location, food waste is often known to attract vermin – and snakes – so the global oil and gas firm decided to recycle the leftovers from its workers’ camps into compost. This not only improved the health and safety of it is workforce but also created an effective resource for land remediation.

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Exxon Mobil Iraq Ltd (EMIL), Iraq

Two of our A1200 in-vessel Rocket Composters are helping the oil and gas giant to divert the 500kgs of daily food waste from its oilfield canteens away from landfill – creating a much-needed resource for land remediation and growing projects.

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Dehydra Dewaterer

Effectively reduces the volume of food waste by up to 80% and its weight by 50% – decreasing storage, collection and disposal costs.

Dehydra Dewaterers


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