Rocket Composter tackles food waste in Los Angeles

Rocket Composter tackles food waste in Los Angeles

Our Rocket Composting technology is famed across the globe for helping businesses – of all sizes and from all sectors – to convert food waste that’s destined for landfill, into a useful compost resource.

We have many case studies in the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA, evidencing how the kit has helped to close the loop and foster a greener and more circular economy.

And we’ve recently been working with our American distributor – Food Waste Experts – on a new project with eco-motivated waste diversion firm Conscious Cleanup, based in Los Angeles, California.

Launched in October 2019 , by entertainment industry professionals Jonna and Mia Roe, Conscious Cleanup specialises in sustainable waste diversion for events and productions – helping to reduce the amount of wastage and instead increase recycling and recovery in this notoriously ‘throwaway’ sector. The brand’s strapline – ‘Conscious Cleanup wants to educate all to know before you throw’ – captures the company’s circular ethos.

And in order to diversify the business’s offering, the founders have invested in an A500 Rocket Composter which will enable Conscious Cleanup to launch its newest service – Conscious Compost.

Commenting on the addition of composting to the company’s proposition, co-founder Jonna explained: “We diverted 5,559 pounds of food from our event production sector in 2019, and we’re aiming even higher for 2020.

“We wanted to add an in-house composting solution because we’re keen to divert the maximum amount of waste from landfills.”

She elaborated, “Conscious Compost provides a private food waste pick-up service, and to have our own industrial composter on site to process the collected wastes, will be hugely beneficial.

“We’ll be converting food wastes into organic soil – creating less carbon emissions and helping our community, our world and our planet to be more resource-efficient.

“This closed-loop initiative perfectly aligns with our mission to inspire our community to consciously consume, consciously dispose and consciously compost, and we’re really excited about this next chapter.”

Rocket Composter tackles food waste in Los Angeles

Offering services to both residential and commercial sectors, Conscious Cleanup delivers a variety of solutions which help to achieve zero waste goals.

When commenting on the brand’s values, co-founder Mia added: “We’re socially committed to learning, simplifying and educating the community on more conscious ways to dispose of things.

“And we’re ecologically dedicated to integrating good waste management habits, plus positively impacting our community through relationships with local and specialised recycling facilities and participating in closed loop programs.’

Gerardo Soto, managing director of Food Waste Experts, commented: “The missing link in the recycling puzzle arena is food waste. Now, more than ever, we should start looking at it as the way to reach zero waste.

“For example, among all recycling processes (cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.), composting is the only natural way of recycling – which doesn’t generate significant levels of CO2, doesn’t require significant power to transform waste into a new product, and doesn’t emit potentially harmful by-products. Composting can truly close the recycling loop, using compost – made from the food waste – in garden beds and for landscaping on the same property where the waste is generated.”

For us here at Tidy Planet, this is such a great project. In Los Angeles, the organic waste market is limited to private pick-up services and is not offered kerbside, so it’s amazing that our equipment will be helping to create a more sustainable and localised waste management model.

Our Rocket Composter will be arriving in LA later this month and Conscious Cleanup will start the composting process as soon as it is installed.

We can’t wait to see the results!

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