With growing activity in the Marine sector, Tidy Planet have secured a number of repeat and new orders in the first half of 2018 for the Gobi Range of Food Waste Drying systems and a number of bespoke Dehydra food waste dewatering units. With more stringent regulation for vessels dumping waste at sea, there’s a growing need to minimise wastes at source and keep the waste on board until the vessel docks again. With some luxury vessels being within Marpol territories for weeks at a time, this can lead to a steady build up of waste that has to be stored somewhere. Utilising the Gobi dryers the powdered and inert substance can be kept in new locations on the ships instead of in the freezers where valuable space is needed for fresh foods. Pictured below, the latest version of the popular G50 Dryer, this unit sent for marine use in May 2018.