The Alchemists – Les Alchimistes

Alchemist: Definition of; a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.

Now what better description could you give someone who’s competent at composting? Someone who can take food waste and turn it into a product that you’re happy to stick your fingers into, sniff and marvel at its earthy texture. Now that’s a seemingly magical process!

This particular magical process has been started this month slap bang in the middle of Paris, France, less than 3km south East of the Eiffel tower and is set to be one to watch. The pilot project pictured is here to demonstrate how commercial food wastes can be collected and processed locally. Using a scheme of (human powered) collection cycles to further combat Paris air pollution and congestion, “Les Alchimistes” will be proving the project and gaining the government certification to allow them to expand and take the city by storm, implementing multiple “decentralised” food waste composting sites. The group already have the backing of the municipality and the mayors office and with the business model of being more cost effective than the “big waste companies” bringing employment to the locals and distribution of certified compost to the growing Urban Farming model in Paris, it’s a project set to be a winner.

Kenzo and Alex the founders quoted this week “Our experimentation in Paris is going on well and the professionalism and support from Tidy Planet make us confident to spread the idea in France. We already have strong leads in Lille, Marseille, Nantes and Lyon ! “

Tidy Planet delivered and installed the A900 Rocket composter pictured this month and for the future are designing a completely new model, bespoke to Les Alchimistes, to help them process maximum tonnages with minimal handling and space requirements.