The only way is ‘UpCycle’ for our Rocket Composters

UpCycle - Tidy Planet - A700 Rocket Composter

We love sharing news about the great work our global network of distributors is up to, and next in the spotlight is one of our French partners, UpCycle.

Our Rocket Composters have had a lot of press in France these last six months, and we’re excited to report that the momentum isn’t slowing down – in fact, demand for composting is greater than ever before!

The impending food waste legislation throughout Europe – the Circular Economy Package – which outlines that by 2023, bio-wastes should be collected separately or recycled at source – is definitely one of the reasons behind this eco drive. However, much like the UK – with public awareness growing around waste and its end-destination – an increasing number of individuals and businesses in Europe are looking for ways to independently close the waste management loop for both financial and ethical benefits.

UpCycle is committed to making the life of organic materials more cyclical and works with organisations throughout France to transform food and green wastes into a valuable compost resource – that is then used to grow quality fruit and vegetables. This passion for driving a more circular economy forward has seen UpCycle order 15 Rocket Composters in the last two years.

On average, the firm installs 1-2 machines per month for its clients – across the hospitality, food service, retail and tourism sectors – helping them to take control of their organic waste management. The equipment allows companies to implement cost-effective, on-site solutions which reduce waste disposal costs – as well as their carbon footprint.

Once the compost has been produced, the ‘what’s next’ varies from business to business. Some organisations keep the compost for use on site – e.g. urban farming – while others sell it or donate it to educational or social projects.

Grégoire & Arnaud - Co-founders of UpCycle

Gregorie Bleu, co-founder of UpCycle, commented: “We’re sure it’s just the beginning of the composting story here in France. Through what we do, we aim to inform people how they can better reuse their food wastes and grow vegetables from them – all to make our cities more environmentally resilient and savvier with waste.”

One fascinating project our French distributor has worked on since 2011 is the composting of coffee waste to grow oyster mushrooms. UpCycle has a closed-loop farming model which sees it collect coffee grounds from customers, in return for ‘Oyster Credits’. The volume of waste collected is then able to be exchanged for the delicious vegetable which UpCycle grows.

You can see the Rocket Composter in action, here:

With 40 more orders in the pipeline for UpCycle in 2020, it’s a very exciting time for composting in this part of the world, so watch this space for more updates over the coming months…

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